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Tours Activities


   • Snorkeling
   • Diving
   • Fishing
   • Swahili cooking lessons


All our tours are conducted by  licensed tour operators.  Some of these tours can be combined into a one full-day tour for those who wish to save both on time and the cost

Historic Stone Town Tour: A tour to the narrow streets of Zanzibar’s stone town. The stone town is the oldest part of Zanzibar city, which has been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage town. A trip includes a visit to the stone town harbor, the historic cathedral the house of wonders, the old fort and the people’s palace. The tour ends with a visit to the shopping area of the town and a lunch at Forodhani Beach front restaurants. Visitors have a choice to stay until evening where the Forodhani seafront comes alive with low cost food market of which delicious Zanzibari food, especially the seafood, is cooked in front of you.

Dolphin tour at Kizimkazi: A tour to Kizimkazi village at the southern tip of Zanzibar Island. Kizimkazi is located not far from Jambiani. At Kizimkazi you will be transferred to a boat of which will take you a short distance at sea to watch dolphins. Other activities based on ones interest include snorkeling, swimming on the pristine beach of kizimkazi, a short visit to the Kizimkazi village where is home to one of the oldest mosque in East Africa constructed in the 12th century. A visit ends with either lunch or dinner, depending on the timing, at one of the local restaurants in Kizimkazi.

Spice Plantation Tour. Zanzibar is famously known as spice Island. On the spice plantation one can find a wide variety of spices and fruits which includes cloves, cardamom, ginger cinnamon, saffron, vanilla, and many other spices and fruits. Spice plantations are located in the middle of the island. At the end of the tour there will have lunch on plantation where one can enjoy a taste traditional Swahili cooking.

Jozani Forest Tour: Jozani is one of the last indigenous forests on the island and the only Zanzibar National Park. Located at Chwaka Bay, Jozani is home to unique species including the Red Colobus monkey, bush babies, duikers, hyraxes, and a number of species of butterfly and birds. Red Colobus monkey is rarest specie of monkeys of equatorial forest in Africa. It is estimated that there are only 2000 or less remaining in the world. At Jozani there is also a nature trail, which takes one through the forest to the mangrove trees near the beach.

Prison Island Tour: Prison Island, which is also locally know as chunguu island is located just 20 minutes boat ride from the stone town. The Island is famous for its giant tortoise, which were originally brought from Aldabra, Seychelles and the prison which was built in 1893 and which still stands but no longer used. The island is now and ideal place to relax since its beach is ideal for sunbathing and its crystal clear water and coral reefs provide an excellent spot for snorkeling.


Please contact our manager for more tours and activities or for tailor made combinations of various tours.